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Is this really a harmless fetish or something that might be of concern to our partner? However, this is not something common, so you don't have to share the same sexual deviations with him or her. How then to treat a partner and should we accommodate them in these unfulfilled dreams and temptations? We'll try to break it down here and see where we're going. Whether focusing on your feet is harmless or not.

The research even found ...

Of course, with a foot fetish, you first imagine a guy, of course this is not the rule, but in most cases it is a male matter. One research even found that more than half of the respondents (men) identified the legs and feet as the most exciting parts on the female body. Even more than breast or ass. It is questionable what exactly was examined there, because of course in the summer, when many women have short skirts, so we can not resist looking at pretty slim legs. But if it was explicitly the respondents who were excited enough to be ready to have sex, it was a surprising and high figure. At least for me, since I can't really imagine. The point is that the fetish of the feet itself includes everything. A person can only get excited by looking at someone's nice feet, many times needing to lick, suck or gently bite their toes. It is said that such a fetish also exists because the feet and genitals are closely interconnected in the brain. It is therefore possible that there is some connection or evocation of the intimate parts themselves. And there are also a few women who refuse a great foot massage, so if your fetish is just light, a woman may not even notice it and will treat it as a foreplay earlier for her and not even suspect it is more a foreplay for you.

Are they fetishes?

Not to be mistaken, it is one fetish that could interfere with us, but for him is a completely separate category. It's a shoe fetish. You can simply imagine that a woman is wearing dark stockings, or may not even have them, and on her feet she is mostly wearing high shoes that constantly excite her partner. High heels can be a trigger for a variety of erotic images They have become a symbol of a woman. Of course, our female sex may also have a fetish on shoes, but it is mostly not about getting a good quality leather shoe on a man, but that she likes some pairs of shoes in the store, she buys them and keeps them so a strong relationship that could even overcome emotionally between her and another person. Therefore, there is no need to mix these two fetishes. They sound and look the same, or at least similar, but both could be written completely different.

Of course, as with everything, it is necessary to observe certain hygienic habits. The feet should be clean and washed. Surely you won't come out of work after eight or twelve hours when you were or were on your feet and you wouldn't slowly wander about having sex, but your foreplay was your priority. In that case, you only spoil your partner's pleasant idea and perhaps even destroy the overall experience of this harmless satisfaction. Not sensing any of those olfactory receptors. It is clear to me that after a few years or even months you will not want to go to the shower before every sex and completely scrub, brush your teeth and prepare as if it were supposed to be the first time, but your feet are not hands that we can easily wash still in the sink. You would definitely not play with a dirty penis or vagina. Just the idea would be nasty. Just the feet are dirty more often and are most stressed, so it is necessary to approach them anyway and determine some conditions at home in a couple or even with someone new.

Many people are afraid to say this about their desire, and perhaps it would be enough for their partner to understand and do it several times with their feet to the end. There is no need to be afraid or scared, many experts and the general public agree that it is a harmless fetish that is and should not be why dangerous. In particular, it is not significantly different from other fetishes on the human body. We all find us all right fetish on tits and ass. We see it as something completely natural, we play with them for a long time, and we almost never have enough, whether it's breasts or butts. At the same time, we can go on with such fetishes. For example, hair, nose, eyes, where your partner looks intently at those beautiful eyes that excite him. There are many possibilities, there is no limit to the imagination, so there is nothing to worry about, but to work with it and try something new.

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